Mobile Apps & Programs


YouVersion keeps me in the Word with notes, tags, and ideas all updates across any device. The audio options are great for driving & listening to messages (I’ve got a bunch of guys in my small group who never read the Bible, who are now engaging the Bible this way. Very cool!)


Spotify has Free & Paid accounts. This music service is what we use for Sunday morning pre service music with our adults & youth. I also use it on the go for listening music & keeping on the latest worship music & popular artists people at our church recommend.

WordPress / Dreamhost

Wordpress is what this blog is done through (also Forefront’s website). They have a free hosted version here. Or, you can go with a website host and many have a one click install available (I use Dreamhost). It’s an easy way to get a blog or website up and running. To find themes and designs, check out ThemeForest.

Pro Presenter

Pro Presenter has really changed the way we do Sunday presentations. On Sundays, you can find three different areas using this program to handle songs, videos, teaching slides, and more. This software is for Mac & Windows.


Evernote has a paid accounts (which I recommend), but free accounts are available. On my phone, it’s where I house anything I find or read on the go. Every single sermon illustration, series idea, and ministry thought is stored here. I organize them via folders & easily searchable.

Planning Center

Planning Center is for planning services, volunteers, scheduling, etc. this is a great tool. Our Creative Arts Pastor got it for us and I’m so glad we have such a streamlined way to schedule people for Sundays and load practice content (mp3s & chord sheets)


WeTransfer is a free easy way to send larger files to people that are too big for email. If you’re working on a large project and need to condense everything to send to someone, this is the way to go. It has a 2GB limit per transfer, but I’ve never exceeded it.

Parent Cue App

Parent Cue is by the group at Orange. At Forefront we use the 252 Basic & XP3 curriculum, and this app compliments it. Get lessons, videos, questions for the kids, dinner talk, car convo ideas and more. We use this app to reinforce what our girls learn in church all week long. It’s GREAT! (also available for Android)

Google Apps

Google keeps me straight, from Gmail to Reader (now I use Feedly and it’s great!), Calendar to Maps, these tools are used by our entire staff. We share calendars, collaborate on projects, do virtual meetings in Google+ Hangouts, it’s fantastic. My wife and I also use it to keep up to date on all things happening and not double booking over each other’s schedules (saved me a bit of heartache).


WriteRoom is the place I go to focus my writing. It’s tagline of “distraction free writing” is spot on. It also syncs with Dropbox and has mobile apps for iOS and Mac.


MinistryGive is a great online portal for doing donations for your church or ministry. It has a very nice mobile interface as well that they will customize to look like your website (included in cost of service). It’s been great to be able to work with them and we’ve never had an issue. Our church can set-up reoccurring payments, set any number of designations, etc.


Cyberduck is an FTP program to load content to a web domain. All of our website transfers on the backend are done with this program.

Drop Box

Dropbox holds all my sermons, documents, images, etc. can be accessed on any device, anywhere. I’m never in a bind to get to and edit something. Also, we use a shared folder across the staff for resources and Sunday morning content.

Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software has been a GREAT addition to my studying, research, and sermon preparation. It has thousands of books and commentaries at your fingertips. It can be easy to get sucked down a rabbit trail with all the resources, but if you stay focused, it’s amazing. They also have mobile apps to access your entire library. Various paid packages are available.

Genius Scan App

Genius Scan is how I don’t forget any receipts on the go. Take a snap shot and email it to yourself or your book keeper, sync it to Dropbox or Evernote, or Google Drive. I cannot stress how great this is and not have to keep track of physical receipts. Love it.

Feeder (for Mac)

Feeder is an RSS creation tool (podcasting, blog feeds, etc). Our podcast is created using this app. It supports audio & video, and is extremely easy to use. Update your podcast in a flash with this streamlined tool.


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