We Can’t Stay Here

Wherever we find ourselves, we can’t stay in the the same place. It’s time to realize it’s the moment to move forward and we can’t stay here. Week 1: Audio https://www.brandedwithlove.com/audio/CantStayHere1.mp3 Week 2: Audio https://www.brandedwithlove.com/audio/We_Can%27t_Stay_Here_Audio_Podcast.mp3 Week 3: Audio https://www.brandedwithlove.com/audio/We_Can%27t_Stay_Here_3_Audio_Podcast.mp3 Week 4: Audio https://www.brandedwithlove.com/audio/We_Can%27t_Stay_Here_4_Audio_Podcast.mp3  

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Money isn’t an easy topic. It’s the number one reason why most couples get divorced. But it doesn’t have to be. Money is talked about a TON during Jesus time. What does God think about money? We want to learn from him so we can…

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