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About The Book

What if you were told you were one decision away from a totally different life? Would you fight with everything inside of you to get it? Doubting The Divine is about wrestling with that very decision. Looking at your doubt and skepticism head-on and finding the Divine in the process. The journey from struggle to belief is a difficult one, but in Doubting The Divine, you get a practical, easy-to-understand glimpse at a God who loves you and is for you. This isn’t a book to get heavy in theology, but instead a chance for the person longing for more than living in doubt and pain day-to-day.

Jason Bedell is a pastor with decades of experience reaching people who most would consider “lost” or “unchurched.” He is a freelance graphic designer in the tattoo industry and spends a great deal of time surfing and sharing faith in the surfing community. His personal goal is to do anything short of sin to reach people far from God. The church he pastors, Forefront Church in Virginia Beach, VA, is a place for people to belong before they believe. You don’t have to clean up your mess to read this book. Bring your skepticism, doubt, hurt, and pain.

In Doubting The Divine, you will encounter personal stories of struggle, loss, and grief as you grapple with how to handle the open seas of life. You will begin to understand that you aren’t alone in this journey. You have a God who is right beside you and routing for you. Jason’s hope after reading this is that as you experience the next wave in life, you’ll know how to face them, process failure and doubt, and celebrate and overcome adversity.

There is a God that loves you deeply. The Divine is in your corner and is with you as the next wave comes.

About The Author

Jason Bedell is the Lead Pastor of Forefront Church in Virginia Beach, VA. He freelances doing graphic design for tattoo artists and churches and consulting churches on how they can reach unchurched people. He is married to his wife and favorite human, Carrie. They have three amazing daughters.