Strike A Pose

*knock knock*
From the other side of the bathroom door “Who is it?”
“It’s me Chloe. What are you doing?”
“Chloe, what’s going on in there? You’re making all kinds of noise.”
“I’m busy! It’s complicated…”
*dumbfounded dad moment*
“What’s complicated? Do you need help?”
*opens door*
“I just don’t know which pose looks best.”
*back story: they just received two large bags of clothes from a friend and she has on a beret-like hat*
“Um…” *I’m just buying time at this point*
“What do you mean Chloe girl?”
“This hat.” *as she keeps posing in the mirror*
“I want it to be cool. The kids at school will all look at me because I’m taller. I don’t want them to think I’m weird, so I want to have the right pose so they don’t joke me.”
“Do they joke you now? Has anybody joked on you?”
*read that with ‘defensive dad will crush someone’ tone*
“No, but all the movies and shows have people who look cool. I won’t want to be made fun of.”
“Chloe, who loves you?”
“Daddy does.” *eye roll turned up to 11*
“Who else?”
*looking at her intently*
“And Roxy, and Kinley, and miss Katie and the adults from small group and church and stuff. Oh and miss Jada and miss Crystal and miss Becky.”
*still staring at her*
“…and God does too.”

“Do you think God cares how you wear that hat?”
“No, God doesn’t care what you look like.”
“Wrong again.”
“But… what do you mean?!” *she’s clearly aggravated at this point*
“God cares deeply about how you wear your hat. How you dress. How you laugh. How you play. How you talk. When you cry. When you have awesome days. When you have bummer days. If you like to help others or if you only think about yourself. God cares about you and your life, even the little things.”
“So he cares about my hat? Why?”
“Because he made you. He loves you. He wants you to be the best Chloe He made you to be. Not the best Chloe for your friends or your teachers or other adults. The best Chloe for Him. What pose do you think God would like?”
“Which ever one you like.”
“Why which one I like?”
“Because God gave us each other to help one another, right? You want me to do things that make God smile and proud, so I guess which ever pose you like?”
*fighting back the dad tears*
“Baby, the hat is beautiful. But it’s the person wearing it that makes it shine. You’re doing great.”
“Thanks daddy.”
“And if anyone jokes you, I need names.”
“Stop it daddy, you’re not gonna Hulk out on them.”

You never know kid…

Whatever picture of God you’ve been influenced to believe, know this:
He cares deeply about you.

All the inner workings of your life.
Measuring up.
Not fitting in.
Keeping up.
Being connected with others.
The laughs.
The tears.

Even that hat.
Strike a pose and rock it.
He’s watching.