Are You Whipping & Nae Nae’ing Too Far?

On Sunday I shared a story from our trip to Carowinds in NC/SC.
It was a great time for our family, but it almost didn’t end the way we hoped.
You see… we lost Roxy.
Before you freak out, let me elaborate.

Towards the end of our day we were walking through the park and stumbled upon an amazing stage show. I’m talking lasers, lights, dancers as they say some of the most well known pop songs of the last couple of decades. It was really good and the girls LOVED it. About midway through they continued their never ending quest to ask about the Icees we promised earlier in the day.

“Where’s my Icee?”
“Daddy, can we get an Icee?”
“Is now when we get the Icee?”
“Guys, did you remember about the Icee??”

“Um, yes. I remembered about Icee… because you’ve asked 15,000x today.”

So we left to get the Icees and on our way back the stager performance had transformed into a huge dance party. The song playing? Whip/Nae Nae. I won’t hurt your head with the song. But once it’s in, good luck getting it out. (watch me bop bop bop bop… make it stop)

The girls (7 and 5) bolted off screaming “They’re whipping and nae nae’ing!” (things I never thought I would type). As they ran to dance we scurried behind them with the baby and watched, even got a little video. We questioned Chloe’s moves that looked a little too moving for her age (yes I’m a protective dad) and as we bounced our eyes between the two girls, it happened…

“Where’s Roxy?”
“She was just here!?”
“Babe, did you see her?”

We kept scanning the crowd and yelling.

Only the people within two feet could hear us.
My heart was outside of my chest.
It’s the closest to a heart attack either of us had experienced.

Anxiety at an all-time high.

This was for a few of minutes, but could have easily been days. It was gut wrenching. About this time I caught a glimpse of blonde hair moving through the other side of hundreds of people dancing. I pushed my way through people (still whipping & nae nae’ing) until I ran up behind our little Roxy and yanked her up.

“Baby! You CANNOT do that! You can’t just run off like that. You scared us Roxy. We never moved, we were right here this entire time.” She welled up with tears. I explained I wasn’t mad and that we love her and she has to stay close.

And in that very moment it hit me…
God, I’m sorry. I do this to you more than I’d like to admit.

One day of skipping that prayer time won’t hurt.
I don’t have time to read my Bible today.
Really can’t give as much to the church, money is tight.
Things are hectic, I’m sure someone else will volunteer to serve.

It’s called The Drift.
We did a series on it last June (you can find it here).

We don’t realize it at first.
Neither did Roxy.
We’re having fun, doing our thing.
Before we know it we’re only a little bit away.
“I can still see daddy. Everything is fine.”
It isn’t the huge events in one fell swoop that take us away from prayer, bible study, giving, serving and being close to God. It’s the incremental moments. Before too long we’ve managed to move so far that we aren’t able to hear the voice of the Father-

“Where are you?”
“Why did you leave me?”
“Don’t you know I need you here?”
“It’s better that way. It’s the best life for you when we’re close.”

Here’s some questions to ask yourself if you’ve been patient enough to read this far:

  • When is the last time you prayed to God and what are you hearing?
  • What are you reading in Bible? How are you applying it?
  • When is the last time you attended church consistently?
  • How are you serving the local church & community?
  • Are you giving financially to the church you are a part of?

The Drift can happen over time without knowing.
We may have just whipped & nae nae’ed ourselves out of earshot of the Father.
Time to make your way back to the love you had at first.

You won’t regret it.