Laundry, Sing-a-longs, & Pretty Princess Kingdoms

I live in land where estrogen abounds.
With a wife, two girls (soon to be 3), I’m outnumbered.
In this beautiful place I reside, I’ve learned a valuable lesson:
Use. The. Filter.

“You want to play pretty princess kingdom with us?”
“Um, no freaking way. I want to watch explosions and relax.”
*filter kicks in*
“Yes girls. I’d love to play! Let’s do this.”

“Jason can I get you to bring down the laundry?”
“Are you serious? I HATE laundry.”
*filter kicks in*
“Of course babe. I’ve got you.”

“Daddy-roo, lets put on Taylor Swift in the car and sing!?”
“I’m a Swiftie, but I just don’t want to hear YOUR singing!”
*filter kicks in*
“It’s Sing-a-long car ride to school time. BAM!”


I love the filter.
It keeps me out of trouble.
The moment the filter kicks in- others come before me.
The filter moments remind me of wisdom “…be quick to listen and slow to speak.”
The more I use the filter, the more my heart changes.
And THAT is a great thing.

We all have a filter, BUT do we use it?

It boils down to a battle inside of each of us.
A choice for us to make.
Arrogance vs Love.

Arrogance says I have to speak/do/act all the time because I’m right.
Love says I will speak/do/act for others when needed, so people experience love.

What if you didn’t immediately chime in on everything and just listened, cared for, and loved on people? What would happen? People’s lives would begin to change. Culture would change.

There are daily debates breaking out face-to-face and online over politics, religion, parenting, vaccinations, fitness, eating, home/public school, neighborhoods, sports teams, money, beer choices, movies, music, books, and that’s just the beginning.

Questions a filter of love begins to honestly ask:
– Do I need to interject in this moment?
– Is my opinion absolute truth or is it simply one of many valid views?
– As I take a back seat, will this person feel honored?
– Am I speaking/acting/doing this to be right or to be helpful?
– How does simply loving this person show them God’s love? 

I encourage you to choose a filter of love.