Welcomed Are The Wanderers

On occasion I log into our website to do a little admin work. As I logged in yesterday, I saw that we had been tagged on another blog. Curious, I clicked and was BLOWN AWAY by what I read. It was someone from our Gel Group talking about their experience after being here for a few months. Here was one of the coolest quotes of the post:

“I first walked into that room 5 months ago only knowing the names of two people- the two who lead the Gel Group. Some of the people who opened up and shared last night, I’ve only known for a month! And yet, somehow, we all have this instant feeling like that space is a safe place full of safe people. We’re not just fellow wanders. We’ve become family.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether or not you should be in a Gel Group, you should read this full post, and then head over here to get signed up and in a group!