Happy Happy, Joy Joy

I’m find joy with…
My wife.
My kids.
Pastoring Forefront.
Watching people’s lives change.
Passing gas and watching it get blamed on someone else…
C’mon, that’s funny.
Getting outdoors.
True friends.
Seeing people worship God.
Hearing about someone who stopped an addiction.
Watching my girls grow up.
Learning something new.
Going on a long bike ride.
Creating things.
Being thrifty.
Seeing people heal from the hurt.

And, if I look for those things to sustain me…

I’ll be disappointed.
Every. Single. Time.

God gave me things to enjoy, but the only thing that can be my true and unfailing joy is knowing Him. All other things will fail me and pass away. But, having a relationship with God never fails me. It’s the ultimate joy.

The next time you’re thinking that you’ve lost your joy, remember, He hasn’t changed. God is still the same and always has been. The one who loves you, cares for you, and is your sole source of joy. Other things may feel like it, but they pale in comparison to Him. If you feel like all the joy has been sucked away from your existence. Look at the things that have stolen your joy, snatch it back, and remind yourself joy isn’t based on the ebb & flow of the day, week or year- It’s found in God, who never changes or waivers.

It’s time to claim your joy today.
And while you’re at it, spread that stuff around.
People in your life need it.