Baptisms Sunday & What God’s Up To @Forefront757

It’s never been more exciting to be a part of Forefront Church. As a church, we’ve impacted our community with God’s love and grace for the last 15 years. Here are a few highlights:

  • Over 1,700 people have come to know Christ and been baptized
  • PIN Ministry started and impacts the homeless of our community
  • A 7 year relationship started in Vietnam that is flourishing and reaching people
  • Collected 4,000 pairs of shoes and supplies for Haiti disaster relief
  • Worked with community to fill an 18 wheeler with supplies for tornado victims
  • Fed 230 children this year in our Vietnam lunch program
  • Started, which will help 800+ homeless students this week go back to school with all they need
  • Helped to plant 8 churches and continue to support the VEF to plant a new church every year
  • Built a dozen houses in Mexico over the years through our student ministry

But that is only the beginning. God is still up to BIG THINGS through Forefront and where we find ourselves now is no exception…

  • Forefront Baptisms: 5 THIS SUNDAY! So cool! God keeps bringing people to a place where they understand He is the only way to live and there’s no reason to run from His love and grace.
  • Forefront’s Vietnam Team Is Back. Our biggest team to date! We had an amazing time and helped train 100 teachers in how to better their communities and schools. We watched as hearts are being changed and relationships are continuing to flourish. We’ll share more on Sunday, but it’s a HUGE GOD THING going on there. It’s awesome!
  • Forefront Hired Chris Conley as our Associate Pastor. (Check out his video here) Over the last few weeks he’s been getting settled in with worship on Sundays and student ministry. He’s an amazing guy and I heard he ROCKED IT on Sunday with his sermon. We are so glad he’s part of the team and adds so much value and experience to help move this community forward.
  • Forefront’s Is Close To Having Our Future Home! We’ve been jumping through hoops, praying, sacrificing, searching, and listening to God as He’s had us on this journey. Now, we’re meeting with city officials to firm up details before we sign on the dotted line and finalize things to be in a new space. God still needs to show up and make things happen. So, continue to pray that the price negotiations go well, that we can sublet our current offices to the right person, and our meetings over the next two weeks with city/government officials go smoothly.
  • Forefront Gel Groups Kick Off in October. It’s weird to just slow down our Gel Groups for the summer, but I can tell you that God has used our summer classes to bring healing, recovery, new friendships, and breathe life into our leaders. But if you are in a Gel Group, I bet you’re like me a totally miss seeing those people every week. Never fear! October brings new groups, old groups returning, and a chance to get in one if you’re not already. (and if you’re not, you’re missing out!)
  • Forefront’s So Long Summer Picnic. On Sept 8th we’ll fill the Ocean Lakes Park with our friends, new people, and people from the neighborhood to eat, have fun, and just get to know one another. We’ll have all the usual bounce houses & games for the kids, plus free food and a chance to invite your unchurched friends to see how amazing God truly is!
  • Forefront Cares For Homeless Teens This Thursday. From 11am to 6pm this Thursday, over 800 homeless teens will get haircuts, clothes, back to school supplies, food, health check ups, and more. We’ll be serving as a church to be personal shoppers and lead individual families through the event. I love that aidnow started as a dream and simple meeting in Ocean Lakes cafeteria and is now receiving so much attention in our community for sharing love with the entire Hampton Roads area and beyond.

I could go on and on about how much I love our church. 
God is showing up constantly and blowing my mind.
It shouldn’t blow my mind, because he’s capable of so much more.
So, we should continue to pray even bigger for Forefront Church, dream bigger, think bigger, love bigger. Because He’s already got it lined up and waiting for us.

Let’s keep on mission Forefront!
People Helping People, Find And Follow Jesus.