Zombies, Faith, and Moving Like Your Life Depends On It

I love movies.
The theater experience is the best.
Popcorn smell.
Comfy seats.
Candy & big drink.
And that screen…

Recently, I went to see World War Z w/ my buddy Kevin.
It was an awesome movie.
I jumped a bunch of times.
Held back screaming like a little girl once.
I was into it.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to give away the movie if you haven’t seen it.

At one point Brad Pitt is trying lead his wife & kids to a possible safe location and they have an interaction with another family trying to make sense of the outbreak. As he’s explaining what is happening and how it it could and probably will get worse, he says to the other father,

“Movement is life.”

Movement is life.
To stay in one place without motion will kill you.
The battles will rage on and find you and overtake you.

Entrenched with porn, but telling no one.
Struggling with parenting, but weeping alone.
Can’t read the Bible, but won’t ask for help.
Gossiping & fighting, but not having the heart to stop.
Knowing you’re wrong, but not apologizing.
Lusting over someone, but not getting help.
Neck deep in addiction, but not willing to let go.

Sin, when not dealt with, spreads like a virus. It begins with what seems small, insignificant, and meaningless- and it turns into something that overtakes us at the very core. When we come to a place of realizing we cannot do it on our own, we cannot sit idle, we cannot keep going the way we are going because it will lead to destruction, that we need God to intervene…

that’s when God’s miraculous work begins.

Asking a friend for help.
Confessing to your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.
Telling him/her the simple but power words, “I’m sorry.”
Leaving your selfish pride behind.
Admitting that you don’t have it all together.
Realizing you need God to be truly whole.

You can stay with the same people,
in the same place,
doing the same things,
in the same way,
and you’ll get the same results.
If you commit to  the changes that need to happen,
and rely on God to do the work He promises to do,
and trust in His love that covers all of your mistakes-
You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed. (Jeremiah 29:12-14)

So, instead of just sitting and doing nothing- move.
Move towards God, His church, and His amazing love.

Movement is life.