Go Out To Your Car And Take A Time Out

It’s Monday.
You’ve been through the weekend.
Life is back to the grind.
Bills to pay.

It’s easy to get caught up in it.
Slow down.
Take 10 minutes.
10 minutes.
Close your laptop.
Turn off your phone.
Put the kids down for a nap.
Find a quiet place.
Your room.
The admin office.
Even if you have to go out to your car.
Find a quiet place…

and just ask God to talk to you.

Thank Him for the air in your lungs.
For the beating in your chest.
A new day to live.
That He isn’t finished with you.

It might feel like an eternity.
But those 10 minutes…
will connect to a loving God,
who cares more about your heart,
than your deadlines,
or bills to pay.

If He’s big enough to create you,
then He’s big enough to sustain you.

Spend some time with Him and let Him do His thing.
You won’t regret it.