A Forefront Summer, Gel Groups, and Being Face To Face

As a pastor here at Forefront Church, one of my deepest passions is not only seeing people come to know Jesus, but to watch their lives richly transformed by living out their faith. We see Sunday mornings as the first step to moving towards God. From their a second step is to begin to be engaged in Gel Group and learning from the Bible, one another, and encourage each other in our spiritual disciplines. As that continues as a daily part of life, our prayer is that each member of Forefront will serve God out of the overflow of their life through the local church and abroad. This is the ideal. While it happens for many people, sometimes it doesn’t always connect the way we hope. When we see a possible disconnect, it’s the leadership’s responsibility to take action.

Our primary role is to reach out to people far from God and make disciples of Jesus. People helping people, find and follow Jesus. The Gel Groups piece is a part of that, but we realize we have some specifics that we need to help encourage, so that people will grow into the men and women of God that He desires. Another piece is that leaders are always leading and pouring out, and we rarely have the time to pour into them richly. So, we want to honor God, them, and you this summer.

To do that, we’re going to pause Gel Groups for the summer, relaunch them in the Fall, and offer some time to pour into you, our leaders, and the church as a whole. So, starting the week of June 16th, we will have various classes for Forefronters to sign up for and be a part of. They are specific to the needs we’re hearing from you as a church. While those are happening throughout the summer, we’ll have a leader intensive class that will pour into our current and future leaders, so they’ll be the best they can be for God’s church.

Sign-ups are this Sunday, May 26th, 2013. We’ll have a table after service with all the classes, sign-up sheets, and a synopsis of what each class is about. We’ve prayed that God will open doors in your life to seek Him, grow over this summer, and be the person God has called you to be. This isn’t easy to do, since we are creatures of habit. But, Gel Groups will still have a few times of getting together socially over the summer while we have these classes. Your leaders will talk more about that in your groups. This summer also provides and opportunity for people who are a little intimidated by groups to jump into a class and meet people and learn about God.

 We look forward to seeing what God does in your life, the lives of our leaders, and through the Forefront family as a whole.

Missed Sunday and want to get an idea of the classes we’re offering? Below is a download link for the flier (in PDF format).