5 for 5 “We struggle… but God supplies our needs”

Project 65It’s day two of the 6:5 Project.
But, yesterday I received an email about day one.
It brought me to tears.
In a good way. It wrecked me.
Take a listen to this family’s story:

“Hey there!  My family and I picked up 3 containers to fill for the 6:5 project this past Sunday.  After we left I felt moved to fill 5, not 3.  We have 5 kids, and even though we struggle – God supplies our needs and feeds my 5 kids all year.  So its only right that we give back to thank God for what he provides for our family and feed 5 other kids… I signed up for containers xxx, xxx, and xxx… could you please send me the numbers to 2 more containers?  I already have 1 full, and after explaining the project to my children – my 5 year old and 3 year old took it upon themselves to empty their piggy banks into another of our containers and my older kids are going to take one to school.  I feel certain that we can fill the 5. Thanks so much for your help in this… and for your message this past Sunday.  My husband and I have been struggling with finding a church and finding our way…he wasn’t even sure he believed in God.  I think your messages are helping us both so very much… and the 30 day plan inside the project 6:5 containers will help us on our path as well.  I’m so very glad we found Forefront…”

It’s stories like these that push us forward.
Stories that aren’t simply stories, but God Moments.
Seeing Him work in our lives.
It’s why we want every family member of Forefront to join us.
So, maybe, just maybe…
You’ll go 5 for 5.
Because God will show up BIG when you ask!
The hold up? Many of us never ask.

We still have about 30 kids left to reach our 230 goal.
Will you join us in making a God-sized goal become a reality?

If so, here is what you can do:
1. Head over here, and listen to week 4 of our “Waiting Room” series.
2. Download this packet and get rolling with us.
3. Find a container w/ a lid, and start collecting change.
4. Email dan@forefront.org to let us know and we’ll assign you a child #
5. Do the daily reading & challenge as God pours into you.
6. Spend the next 30 days asking God, “What are you teaching me in this?”
7. Hold on tight, God is about to do something amazing in your life.

I love that our Forefront family is taking part in this.
God is doing so many cool things in and through His church.
We’re not perfect, but He uses us anyways.
I love it!