Easter Was Awesome. And… This Sunday is HUGE!

God showed up in HUGE ways Easter Sunday!
He is absolutely amazing.

Standing up on stage to do the welcome and seeing the room so full, it was all I could do not to break down into tears. You guys did a phenomenal job sharing with your friends, family and loved ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God was moving in the room from beginning to end. Paco, the disco dancing gorilla made an appearance. People were assaulted with Peeps. The band, tech, arts team blew it out of the water with the visuals and music. Loved the set.

You might ask, “Why do we do all that?” 
Great question.

There are so many hurdles for people when it comes to engaging God.
We simply want to take away as many hurdles as possible.
We tell jokes & do goofy things to break down walls.
Some think it’s funny, some don’t.
But, we do it to make people feel comfortable and ease the tension.
Because, the tension is coming if a new person hasn’t felt it already.
God’s story of scandalous love and grace creates quite the tension.
And, on Easter Sunday, hundreds of people encountered His love and grace.
They laughed, cried, and heard the story of Jesus’ life and why he came, died, and conquered death.

But, this coming Sunday is even more important.
Because all the people you brought with you, they need Him.
They need the God of the Universe.
The love, grace, and new life that only He can provide.
So, what are you doing this week?

How are you talking, sharing, and engaging your friends?
What are they asking about God & Jesus?
How are you loving them?
In what ways are you being the hands & feet as His church?
We are people helping people, find and follow Jesus.
Everybody’s Welcome. Who haven’t you shared Forefront with?
Nobody’s Perfect. Who are you crying with? Sharing with them, “you know what- me too.”
Anything’s Possible. Who are you sharing Jesus’ hope with?

If Jesus’ love is that amazing…
If God’s heart is for everyone to come to know Him…
If Easter was a sign of the things to come for His church at Forefront…

We’re just getting started.
And, it’s time to do work.
Praying for you as you love people and show grace this week.