A Thank You & Sunday Update

jason update


Thank you for all the prayers & encouragement lately.
Surgery went smoothly, stitches are out.
Healing will still take some time. I’ll have “Steri-strips” on my ears for a couple more weeks.
All in all, life is pretty good.
But, my biggest joy? God is doing great things in my heart & in Forefront.
Our FPU class has 34+ people working through how to honor God in finances.
Baptism this past Sunday with a number of people asking, “What does god want to do in me?”
Our FF ladies hosted a baby shower for 24 expectant mom’s last night.
One lady told me, “This is the first party anyone has ever given me.” 
She’s mid 20’s.
Seriously lost it.
Another lady, “This just reminds me that loving people still exist.”
The ladies that night killed it. Just blew the doors off with love and grace.
I’m encouraged at how God is moving my heart as well.
I know as He moves my heart, and I share that excitement, that He’s going to do the same in you. I’m excitedly nervous for what God has in store for you. It’s going to be great. You’re going to be forever changed. My one thing I keep asking God is, “Are they ready to be wrecked & restored by your greatness?” I look forward to seeing it on Sunday.