Current Listening: Citizens, Elevation Worship, David Bowden, Beautiful Eulogy, and My Guilty Pleasure

Citizens has a new self-titled record out today. You can check it out on Spotify here. Their newest video for the song “Made Alive” just makes me want to dance.

Elevation Worship recorded and delivered a new album that is pretty good. It’s got some powerful tracks on it. Listen here on Spotify. The song that I love the most is “In Your Presence.”

David Bowden is on most people’s radar. The last time he released an album was early 2012. But, it’s that album that I cannot get enough of. It’s called “12” and you can listen to it here. This spoken word piece isn’t on the album, but I love his cadence in it.

Beautiful Eulogy is a hip hop group featured on Their album Satellite Kite is available for free download here. You can listen to it here. The song that WRECKS me is called “Anchor.” I talk about it all the time. I’m not even remotely over it yet, so be prepared for me to keep talking about it. Ha. Oh, and I’m so moved by this song, I got the shirt too. πŸ™‚

Alright, finally my guilty pleasure. My girls lover her and I’m beginning to drink the Kool-aid… Taylor Swift. Yeah. Quit judging me. My girls are in love with her music and we’ve been listening to it every morning on the way into school. I’m down with my girls listening to songs that warn that boys are mean. They can date one day… when they are… 30. If I’m ready for them to date by then. We’ll see.