Application Is Everything: Stopping The Pattern

Just gave in to an addictive nature.
It’s been connected to various things in my lifetime.
I realize it’s a problem, so I’ve learned how to see the signs.
But, it’s a daily thing I know will try to creep in.
I’m glad God has it & is helping me.

Anger ran wild.
Like punch walls, throw things, storm off angry.
My relationships didn’t last long.
I look back now and know why.
Being angry wasn’t fun, it was self indulgent.
Releasing anger was so freeing.

Never wrong.
The sky would be blue, I’d swear it was orange.
Debate it was orange.
Even show color charts on why it clearly had to be orange.
It wasn’t orange.
It was blue.
I’ve had to say I was wrong a ton over the years.
I have better relationships now because of it.

How do we change? Change in ourselves isn’t easy, comfortable, or fun. It’s HARD. The reason it’s hard is because we like the feeling of feeding the addictive nature, or letting our anger run wild, or being the one to feel right or… (insert your destructive pattern here). Change isn’t a magic formula or a “get fixed quick” type of thing. It’s work, it’s making an effort, it’s applying the things we know to be true (even when they’re hard and we don’t like them a whole lot).

I posted 10 E’s For Every Christian In 2013. Now, I used to let page views, likes, and shares define if I was being effective. Almost to the point of controlling my identity. It’s sad I know. But I’m free of that, and I’m glad because that post blew up and got a lot of attention. I don’t say that to pat myself on the back, it’s all Biblical stuff God takes credit for. But, I note that because it shows something…

We have patterns we need to break.

Every one of the “E’s” points us to change our behaviors towards God. Honoring Him, honoring others, being available, and ultimately sharing love with people and looking to understand them. It blew up because all 10 E’s address a behavior we need to change. A pattern we need to change and redirect it towards our Creator.

I believe the Bible tells us how to stop the pattern. You ready?

Surrender to God.

Exciting right?
You might have heard this already if you’ve been to church at all.
The Bible talks about surrender here, here, here, here, here, and here (just to name a few).
It’s so simple, but so true. Here’s the catch though…

We don’t like admitting we’re wrong & giving up control.

We all love to be right.
We all love to have control.
We view surrender as something the weak do.
We think saying we’re wrong is somehow equal with saying, “I’m stupid.”
It takes courage to release control.
It’s with great humility & character you can utter the words, “I was wrong.”

It’s the greatest men and women I’ve seen, who break the pattern of sin and surrender their lives to the one and only God of the universe. The one who forgives sin. The one who gives us new life. The one who we surrender to. In that surrender, we truly live. And in the process, we learn to live with others in love. It makes it easier to say “I’m sorry” to people, when we practice surrender and say, “I’m sorry” to God. He loves us, sent His son for us, and did it so we could be with Him for eternity and break our destructive patterns.

What do you need to surrender?
What pattern do you need to break?
Who is holding you accountable?
How have you tried on your own, but still not seen change?

Today is a new day.
Break free from the patterns holding you back.