Dan Pollard did an outstanding job tackling the tough topic of the “Confession App.” We cannot simply have intent, we have to be DOers. Confession frees us. Loved this part, “Genuine confession leads to genuine change.” How many of us need to practice this better? *Hint, all of us.

Andrea Vahey and I met to talk about the set-design for the next series, and her idea led to a couple of other ideas, which led to me getting amped for our World Changers series kicking off in February. Cannot wait!

Chandra Tracey was celebrated as our Volunteer of the Week. She did a first serve the other week in WIRED Kids and ROCKED IT! The cool part about Chandra is she thought there were some things that would hold her back (mainly her nerves), but all I’ve heard was how awesome she did. You go girl!

Carter Green & Camie Green’s son Carter Jr. got baptized today! WOOOO HOOOO! I absolutely was BLOWN AWAY after hearing his story. Congrats Carter!

Talked to a couple who is longing to have their relationship aimed towards God. When we draw near to God in our personal life and relationships, the miraculous happens.

At lunch, Kevin Miller, one of our elders at Forefront (who needs to be on FB/Twitter), reminded me why we do what we do even when a person here and there might get unhappy and rarely, but sometimes even leave. “God didn’t call us to make everyone happy. He called us to be faithful and follow Him. It’s not easy and not always popular. But, it’s the best and only thing we can do.”

We have 15 High School/Middle School students & a couple leaders heading out to Wintergreen on Friday to snowboard and ski. I’ll be snowboarding for the first time since 1998. This could be a really bad idea. Pray. For. Me.

Next Sunday, we look at the Rest App. With all the chaos, things pulling for our attention, this might be the single most life changing app you need to revolutionize your life in who God designed you to be. Sunday is going to be amazing, and I’m praying to see you and the friends you invite. Who are you bringing with you?

Looking ahead to Monday, how can I pray for you?
I’m going to take some time Monday to pray for you, Forefront, friends, family, enemies, and everything in between.
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What was your favorite thing about service today?
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