The Lone Bellow (previously Zach Williams & The Bellows), is a three piece group from NYC that is absolutely amazing. It was a few years back when I was first introduced to Zach’s music. He was solo at the time and playing in front of 12,000 leaders at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA. As he wrapped up his set, her shared where his inspiration comes from.

You see, around 2009, his wife had a terrible horse riding accident. She fell, leaving her quadriplegic and the doctors said she’d never move again, or possibly even live much longer. It was there he began to write. He wrote hoping the words would some how make her walk & move again. He, along with friends and family prayed she would be healed. He shared the story a bit more and then welcomed his wife to the stage. Fully recovered. There wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium. It was amazing. God, the ultimate healer did what every doctor couldn’t- God healed Zach’s wife.

So now he’s in this group, “The Lone Bellow” and this current song hits both sides of the coin when it comes to loneliness and dealing with tragedy. It’s pretty haunting, but when they get into the church… man, it’s moving. Here is an excerpt from an interview they band did with NPR:

“We write songs from personal experiences in our lives,” Zach Williams, the lead singer, tells us. “Tragedy, hope, betrayal and redemption ebb and flow throughout this record. This song is particularly hard as it falls in the betrayal category. Every time we sing this song together I re-live the feeling of being betrayed, of losing my love, of wanting to turn my back on everything I held close. It makes you go to those places, which is why I wrestled with singing this song in public when I first wrote it, but after I sang it for the first time I realized it was a moment in our record and in our show that needed to happen.” – NPR Interview by Bob Boilen

They’re just too great not to share.
Take a listen and enjoy.
They’re releasing a full length album in January 2013.