This is my song for 2013.
On the day of Forefront’s Online Service & Christmas Service, it was the ONLY song I listened to.

Daniel Bashta just has a way of taking the things I’ve always wanted thought about, and putting to an amazing song and lyrics. The section that really gets me is the bridge of the song, where he sings:

“There goes all my doubts
There goes all my pain
On that day you rose again
Sin no longer stains
There goes all my questioning
There goes all my fears
On that day of reckoning
Hope has reappeared.”

Wow. As I listened to this in the back hallway minutes before our Christmas service started, it was such a roller coaster of emotions. Why loving God and knowing Him is so important. Why the mission of God’s church is the greatest thing to be about. How people far from God are dying every single day without a relationship with the God of second chances and they have no clue how desperate they are for his love, grace and redemption.

The church is the hospital Christ left behind. To give hope to the hopeless. Of the good news of Jesus and His love. To be told of the greatest story to ever exist. One that is totally about God and yet He still places us in the midst of it because He cares so much for us. That cynicism and doubt can be buried. The hope in knowing our fears can be wiped away with the all-powerful peace of God. The pain that we feel when others hurt us is repaired by the great physician.

Man, this song gets me pumped!
It reminds me to get behind God, His church, and the mission.
To give till it hurts.
To serve till I’m wiped out.
To love till it’s overflowing.
To show grace till it breaks down the walls.
To hope till Jesus returns.
To trust till I see God face to face.

“Hope conquers all…”