The Christmas Crash

There’s a natural adrenaline that comes with the Christmas celebration each year. The kids & family wake up early, the anticipation of unwrapping gifts, seeing family (this can be great or anxiety filled depending on the relationship), all the festivities, visiting loved ones, all the holidays meals & goodies, etc.

Then, as the day winds down, the adrenaline is gone, and people slowly wind down. This is described as the “Christmas Crash.” Your body runs high with all the happenings, then you hit a wall.

Even when surrounded by people, when this crash happens, it can be easy to silently feel alone, a bit depressed, and anxiety can being to set in. If this is you, feeling that crash today as you wrap up, know you’re not alone.

Thinking of what 2013 will bring.
Wondering about relationships that ended badly.
Wanting to perform better at work.
Hoping for a solid home life.
Wishing you had followed through with that goal.
Praying that you can make it through a day without feeling so anxious.
Thinking you aren’t worthy of the place you find yourself.
Thinking that if you’d find that him or her life would be better.

No matter where that Christmas Crash brings you, know that you are loved.
That life is beautiful.
People care.
You are special.
God made you individual for a reason.
You have something to offer the world.
Life is best lived when it’s about others.
True joy is found in God and cannot be quenched.

Confession time: I used to feel the crash constantly. But, I got help, sought after God, & asked people who loved me to help. Years later, it’s much better today. But, it’s days like today that I pray for the people silently experiencing the “Christmas Crash.”

Know you’re not alone.
And… know that as the dawn rises over the darkness, hope shines through.