Christmas With A Cause

Looking to find that perfect gift and struggling to nail one down? Give something that keeps giving. There are plenty of companies out there doing good through their products. Products with purpose and a story behind it. People behind it. Lives being changed. Check out some of these and you can get many of them in time for Christmas!

Made For Good: They specialize in giving different companies a platform for their cause. Clothing, accessories, and more. I personally like Jedidiah Clothing, they do a lot with getting people bikes. It makes me smile.




Warby Parker:Prescription, fashion, and/or sunglasses. You buy a pair, someone who needs it gets a pair. Love it.





Toms: One of the pioneers of getting & giving business model. You buy a pair of shoes, you give a pair to someone who desperately needs shoes. They’ve also branched out into eyewear and clothing. My Movember ones are wearing out, time to update them…




Hello Somebody: These watches are great. They’re also pretty inexpensive. The best part? It helps children. From their site, “We exist to engage people in a movement, that gives an opportunity to help others in need. By offering relevant consumer products like watches and apparel, cause partnerships are able to be supported as we advocate for our partner organizations.” They love kids. No kid deserves to go with out food, water, shelter, and care. Hello Somebody is changing that, one watch at a time.



Plywood People: Upcycled billboards turned into wallets, bags and more. “They are handmade in America by legal refugees who were forced to flee their countries because of conflict.  Your bag is providing English classes and restores dignity for the workers, all the while addressing local social needs.  Our simple bags are made with 90% reclaimed materials, so when you carry one of our products, you’re not only helping the environment you’re also helping a community in need.”



Gift Card Giver: Okay, you’re not getting anything physical back on this one, but I have fallen in love with this project. You sent them your new or remaining balance gift card, they give it to non-profits who can use it to help others. You get the card out of your wallet, someone gets help when in need: win/win.




Good & Fair: Fair trade clothing at a good price. The company gives back their proceeds to help fight poverty here in the states as well as helping farmers & workers internationally with their cotton farms, small businesses, etc. You can get dresses each morning knowing your clothes helped you do more than just look nice.




Not 4 Sale: Working diligently to end human trafficking and modern day slavery. There are more slaves today than ever in human history. When you purchase something here, it helps to fund the initiative to end this horrible occurrence for women & men all over the world.




Soles 4 Souls: We worked personally with this group and they are GREAT! With local churches, we were able to send 4,000 pairs of shoes to Haiti during the earthquake. Love what they do. Any product you buy from them helps pay the shipping costs of all the shoes donated to them from around the word! So cool.




Project 7: “If people are going to buy things. Lots of things. Then let’s use those things they purchase to help change the world around us. Let’s make everyday products for everyday people to solve everyday problems around the globe.” This is reason enough to buy the things you use all the time (water, coffee, mints, gum, t-shirts, and more) from them. They even have iPhone cases.




Land Of A Thousand Hills: It’s as simple as their tagline, “Drink Coffee. Do Good.” They have coffee, tea, apparel, and more. “We partner with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people.” People helping people.




Charity-Water: Not only can you donate in someone’s name, but you can go to their merchandise section and purchase clothing and other items that will go towards bringing clean water to people who desperately need it. So awesome. It’s something we take for granted here in the U.S.




There are plenty of companies out there. Search, look around, and maybe this year that gift handed to someone else will carry a little more meaning. It will be a gift for good.