Forefront Church Update on Student Ministry

On Sunday, we announced that James Davis will be moving into a new chapter of ministry (you can read his thoughts and what he’s planning here). This definitely wasn’t an overnight thing for anyone. We’ve been discussing the Student Ministry, his strengths and passions, and how Forefront Church should move forward with James over the last year and a half. More recently, in the last 5 months, it became very evident to James and the leadership here, that he was built for something different at this time in his life.

He’s thought about a bunch of different things, but church planting has definitely been on his heart. We’re excited and sad all at the same time. I’ve known James since he was in late middle/early high school. He was awkward, too outspoken, and had dreams of becoming a rapper of sorts (at least that’s what it seemed like to us as his youth leaders). He’s come a long way since those teen days, happily married to his lovely wife Irene, and a great dad to his little girl Amaya. While doing ministry with students, he loved them with every bit of his heart. I watched him get emotionally invested in staff meetings about things happening with kids, and was there first hand to witness God do things in James’ heart that He had to do to bring my friend to a place where he could be a better leader, husband, and father.

His passion for speaking is evident, he has a great eye for detail, and like all of us, has plenty to learn and move through as he takes on his next challenges in ministry. This coming Sunday, December 9th, will be he and Irene’s last Sunday at Forefront. This affords them the opportunity to travel to other churches and get ideas as they figure out their next steps. They leave for Church Planter Assessment in February, and from there will look to the next phase of things as a family.

We sent out an email to all the parents, students, and student ministry volunteers today (it’s at the end of this post). We also have a survey we want all 6-12 grade kids, their parents, and student ministry volunteers to fill out. This will help us as we move forward and look at ways to always be excellant in how we minister to people. Fill Out Survey Here

I’m glad to have James as a friend. He’s a good man and a passionate pastor. The reach & ripple effect of Forefront will continue with them as it has with many others into other parts of VA, PA, MD, and NV. We constantly are amazed by God and this instance is no different. He’s continued to take care of Forefront and the people who serve God’s church. Please keep our friends the Davis Family in your prayers as they begin a new chapter of ministry.

Below is the letter we sent out today to parents, students, and student ministry volunteers. If you have any questions, you can email us at or call the office, 757-468-1188.



Hello Middle & High School Parents,

It’s Jason, Lead Pastor at Forefront and I wanted to touch base with you about some news here at Forefront. You may have have received word, but if not, I want to let you know that James Davis our Student Pastor is moving on from Forefront and next Sunday, December 9, is his last Sunday.It’s nothing bad. And while we’re excited for him and sad for us, we wanted to let you know a few things as we move forward together as a team!

1. December 2nd Announcement & Meeting: On Sunday, Dec 2nd, we announced James’ moving on and that we’d be having a meeting with parents, students, & volunteers for this past Monday. While we knew it might be difficult for everyone to make it, we wanted to make sure everyone knows that Student Ministry is a HUGE priority for Forefront and meet as soon as possible. The meeting was well received and we got a lot of feedback.

2. Student Ministry Survey: At the meeting, we gave everyone cards with information we want to pass on to you. We have a survey ready for you at: We want to know what you think. This will help us move forward to make Student Ministry GREAT!! Your opinion & thoughts matter to us. We want this to be a place you love and your kids will invite their friends to.

3. Student Volunteer Meeting: On December 16th after church at 12:30pm @ the Forefront Offices, our student ministry leaders and volunteers are going to meet at the Forefront Offices. We’ll be taking everything you’ve given us in the surveys and look at the themes and what needs to be changed to make it amazing for your kids and their friends. We cannot stress enough how much we need your voice. You matter. Your voice matters. Please let us know in the surveys how we can help and make things better.

4. Who Leads Now?: Great question. Becky Bruner our Family Pastor, and myself (Jason) will be heading up the volunteers who are already leading in Cardia (high school), Tranzt (middle school), and other areas of Student Ministry. We want to make sure you have our contact info because we are here for you. So, here it is:

Jason: & Facebook
Becky: & Facebook
(we had our cell numbers in the original email, but you can call the office 757-468-1188 to get them)

If you have ANY questions or want to talk with us, please give us a shout. We don’t want anyone sitting out there wondering something. We’re in this together. Let us know how we can help you.

5. When Will We Hire Someone Else?: Another great question. Our plan is to take it slow. It’s easy to hire someone and then possibly get into a position where they aren’t a good fit. So, our plan is to go forward in this volunteer structure with Becky & I as the leaders with the volunteers until God gives us the green light for the right fit at the right time.

6. What Are We Doing For The Davis Family?: We were already thinking the same thing. On Monday, December 10th at 7pm we’re having a party for James & Irene at the Forefront Offices & Warehouse Space. We are asking all 6-12 grade students, parents, and all student volunteers to be there. It’s going to be a great time of hanging out with them and saying goodbye as they start a new chapter in ministry.

We’d like for everyone to bring something to eat (we’ll provide the drinks, games, & venue). So if you could decide on what you’re bringing and email so she can add it to the list. If you aren’t sure what to bring, let her know in the email and she’ll help you out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You’re loved by our church and we want to minister to you, your kids, and the rest of your family in the best way possible. Please let us know how we can help you and we cannot wait for 2013 to start so we can get things rolling!

Talk to you soon!

Lead Pastor @ Forefront
757.468.1188 office