6 Things To Be Reminded About For Election Day

  1. Get Out & Vote. Not just for the person you think will do the best job as President & hold true to the values you believe in, but also for your local government positions as well. Many of the things that really impact your day to day are at the local and state level. Get educated and vote.
  2. Pray For BOTH Presidential Candidates & Their Families. More than likely you have a favorite. In doing so, you probably have had a difficult time not bad mouthing the other candidate in some way, shape, or form. Stop right now and maybe for the first time, pray for BOTH men and their families.
  3. Be A Breath Of Positivity.  It’s so easy to trash talk, especially people in the spotlight. These men are… well, just ordinary men. They both bleed, make mistakes, have faults, love their families, love this country, and want to make it better. While they have different ways of doing it, the vibe you’ll get tomorrow from many is why their guy is great and the other one sucks. Well, be a wave of positivity on Election Day. On social networking, at the polls, at work, with your neighbors. It will rock their world.
  4. Pray For Our Country. No matter what anyone might say, we don’t live in a Christian nation. Polls show our nation as a whole is pretty far away from Biblical values. We’re the fastest growing mission field in the world. All that said, let’s pray for the country we call home. That people will be receptive to God’s movement in their lives. Our neighbors, the barista at Starbucks, the sales associate at Walmart, the little old lady  driving slow because she earned the right to because she’s 82 years old (I plan on doing it too when I get older). No matter who you might think of, whoever they are… they need prayer. Pray for the people of this country.
  5. Let’s Not Put Our Faith In The Outcome Of Nov 6th. Whoever holds any position of leadership is going to fall. Make mistakes. Screw up. Say something dumb. Suffer from open mouth, insert foot syndrome. Even if they are stellar and people sing their praises from the rooftops, our hope isn’t in any man. We have a hope in God. In something greater coming. He’s got this under control and any power anyone has is only because it’s given by God (whether they acknowledge it or not). So, let’s trust more in the Creator than in the created.
  6. Stay On Mission. We were designed to worship God & share the love He shows us with others. That’s it. We’re tempted to get off mission and get consumed with any number of things. It’s so incredibly easy to get off course. Keep in step with people who can keep you on track, encourage you, build you up, hold you accountable, and point you in the direction God placed you on. People need to experience the love, grace, and truth of Jesus. You have the opportunity to do that daily. Make the most of it.

The funny part is I started this post out with 8 things I’m doing, and changed it up to six, but the link still says eight. So, for the bonus ones, I’m:

7. Getting a Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate because it’s ah-mazing!
8. Opening up our home for a Single Mom’s Group. We have divorced & single moms all over our community and God has blessed us with a house where we can use it for group meetings. So, tonight kicks off a Single Mom’s Group at Casa de Bedell. Prayers for the ladies who are coming and the ones debating whether or not they will. I want them to experience what these awesome ladies who are leading it have to share with them about God, hope, and His amazing love.