I grew up on Legos.
Building towers, towns, dinosaurs, cars.
The sky was the limit.

My brother and I would spend hours working through different ways we could make things come to life. It was a challenge. And, even though there wasn’t a game plan or instructions for our mind’s creations, everything had to be our best. We would work tirelessly to make sure every brick was is it’s place. Searching for hours to find that right piece. It was an event. My mom & dad wouldn’t have to worry about how quiet the boys would get when Legos were involved. We were just dreaming… and then dragging our dreams into reality.

I’ve been reading, “A Million Little Bricks” that tells the story of Ole Kirk Christiansen and how the company was founded and all the trials the family had. Death of his wife. The need to feed his kids. Struggling toy sales. How do we ship this to other countries? Failed investors. More death in the family. But somehow, the call to persevere and the motto to “always give our very best” is what kept them moving. And, they overcame. When life put up a road block, they’d just build a new road.

As a child Lego taught me to expand my creativity and dream.
Reading their story as an adult, I’m challenged to give my best and live out those dreams.

It makes me wonder,
“When Was The Last Time You Dreamed?” 

And, not just day dreaming about getting off of work.
But, dreamed about your future?
Dreamed about what God has in store for you?
About how the next challenge or hurdle will bring you all together?
How you could start that new thing you’ve been scared about doing?
Yeah. That thing. Touched a sore spot eh?
Dreamed about the thing you’d start if that pesky job wasn’t in the way?
Dreamed about overcoming that secret sin?
Dreamed for the moment you’d break free from bondage?
Dreamed for your kids?
Dreamed for your spouse?
Dreamed for God’s church at Forefront?
Dreamed for the people in your Gel Group?

“When Was The Last Time You Dreamed?”

We cheat ourselves when we stop dreaming.
Killing the dreaming process kills the life that flows through you.
God designed you to dream.
To create.
To worship in a way that made people stand in awe… of God.
Of his power and might that so creatively designed you to be, well, YOU.
So… dream today.
Dream big.