Screens, Microphones, & Laptops, Oh My!

I love the people of Forefront Church. The way you invite others to experience the life change you’re seeing. People jumping in to serve at PiN, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Local Food Bank, Aidnow. Serving abroad in Vietnam & Mexico. It’s amazing. The number of people who sacrifice sleep to arrive at (and even before) 7:30am to unload trailers to make Sunday happen… I love it.

Speaking of Sundays, what we do there is more than lights, sound, and signs. We are the church. We gather together, worship God, and cling to His love and grace. It’s there on a Sunday where many of you were introduced to God. It’s during that early hour+ on a Sunday that some of you have learned to forgive a family member, friend, or even the hardest to forgive… yourself. You’ve learned about the power of prayer, how much God cares for you, and that there’s a hope & promise of something greater than this broken world.

Your kids are weekly being invested in by leaders who love God and want your kids to learn about that love. To have fun and enjoy the life God gave them. To begin to understand that while we have this life, it’s not truly lived unless we’re surrendered to Him. It’s in that surrender that we truly find freedom.

It happens on Sundays.
10am every week at Ocean Lakes High School.

As a staff our goal is not just to teach, but to create an experience where we are able to let down our guard, chip away at the walls, and be open to what God desires to do in our lives & hearts. While we’re more than all the stuff we set-up, that stuff we set-up helps us to tell God’s story in creative, unique, and effective ways.

Being portable, things take the abuse of trailers, getting set-up & torn down every week, and the wear & tear of just being used all the time. We have had some gifts that have helped us with a number of equipment needs recently, and we’re very grateful for that. We continue to do ministry on Sundays in a way that speaks in a language you and your kids can understand. Currently, we have some equipment needs that when repaired or replaced, will help us to continue to effectively do what we do as a church on Sunday mornings. Maybe you’re in a position to help with this. Or, maybe your business needs a tax write off before the end of the year. We’d love to be able to go into 2013 with all of the equipment needs taken care of so Sundays don’t skip a beat with their effectiveness at engaging you, your family, and the friends you invite.

- Children’s Ministry Replacement Screen, $850
Microphone For Preaching, $500
Sunday Service Adult Presentation Laptop, $2,500
Subwoofer Replacement For Adult Service, $1,500
Lighting Repair For Adult Service, $350
Speaker Repair For Warehouse Sound System, $500
Student Ministry Tranzt Seating, $800

Many of these are completely broken (preaching microphone, subwoofer, speakers, lighting, etc). Things like the Sunday laptop are showing signs that it could go any day, possibly during service (YIKES). I know the Children’s Ministry team has been duct taping the screen for months (you guys are troopers). So, if you’re interested in tackling one of these, you could head over to and under the drop down, select “Equipment Needs.” We’re tackling them in the order you see listed here.

I love you guys and I’m looking forward to this Sunday (which will be bitter sweet) as we wrap up our series, “My Mixtape Life.”