It makes up 70% of you.
Another 30% and we’d all be walking swimming pools.
(Think about that for a sec, it’s kind of funny… maybe’s it just me)
It quenches our thirst.
Nourishes the lawn.
Can clean the funk off our bodies.
Wash our car.
Mixed for some summer time Kool Aid.
It’s refreshing.

But, have you ever seen water that just sits? A drain run off, ditch, pond, puddle in your back yard? When water sits, it gets gross. REAL gross.  When it isn’t moving, it collects things and becomes filthy. But, when water moves, it stays pure. And like a small stream or river, as water exits and flows, new water moves in, keeping the water fresh. clean. usable.

In our faith and relationship with God, He pours into us.
Our goal and mission is to share what He pours into us with others.
Not in a overwhelming, Jesus Freak, throw Bibles at people kind of way.
But pour love and grace into people in a practical way.
Invite your neighbors over for dinner.
Make your kid’s teacher some cookies.
Mow your neighbor’s lawn.
Bring your co-workers coffee.
Stop and bring the homeless person a meal.
Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru.
There are enough Christians up in arms about the world.
Spread a little love. Pour yourself out.

You’ll be amazed at the results and opportunities you’ll find.