I Forgot To Remember


[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap2″]D[/bra_dropcaps]o you ever forget things? I forget all the time. I need reminders for my reminders.

I have all sorts of alerts set-up in my phone so I don’t forget to remember to…
Pick up the girls from school,
Clean up for small group,
Have lunch with ________,
Send out emails to ______, ______, & ________,
Be on time for tomorrow’s meeting.

No matter what though, I still forget things.
The funny part is, I forget some of the things that should be so easy to remember.
Things I do everyday, like clockwork.
I forget them because it’s become so routine.
I do them, but don’t even notice it’s happening.

Ever driven home and when you pulled up in the drive way it scared the living crap out of you because you don’t remember even driving home? You know why that is…? You’re on auto-pilot. You were doing it without even knowing it was happening? You didn’t forget the moves, turns, and actions. You just forgot to be present while it was taking place.

I’ve done this in my life more than I’d like to admit. As the years have gone by, I’ve learned to recognize it, but it hasn’t been easy. The biggest problem that I’ve faced with this is… I forgot to remember.

I forgot to remember the “why” behind what I’m doing…

Why am I reading my Bible today?
Why is it so important for me to be in community with people?
Why do I go every Sunday to be with the church?
Why was I praying and what was I praying about?
Why am I teaching these lessons to my daughters?
Why is it that I follow God and His word?
Why do I honor my wife and treat her like I do?
Why is it that I am called to help people encounter Jesus?
Why do I have to fight my selfishness and be a servant to others?

I forgot to remember. Remembering the “why” leads me to understand…

Reading my Bible today is so God can pour into me.
Being in community is so I won’t be a recluse and for accountability.
Sunday worship pushes me to be a part of a body that is on mission for God.
Praying is to teach me that God is always in control and be faithful.
Teaching my daughters is to make an invest in their future as women.
Following God is because He loves me so much and wants what’s best for me.
Honoring my wife is because she’s just that amazing & God commands me to.
Helping people towards Jesus reminds me this life is not about me.
Being a servant teaches me to put others before myself.

Next time, before I’m so quick to put the blame on anything not working or becoming stale, I need to remind myself about the “whys.” Maybe, just maybe, you need to be reminded about the “whys” too.

Don’t forget to remember.