I Have A Crush On Alice In Wonderland

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap2″]W[/bra_dropcaps]e pray together every night baby.
I always end with, “God, thank you for letting me be Chloe’s daddy. Amen.”
With every beat of my heart, I mean it. You’re a gift.
But tonight, you broke down your big ol’ daddy to a puddle of emotion.
As we opened our eyes you looked at me.
I drown in those baby blues every single time you bat your lashes.
You’ve got me whooped.
You’re mommy and sissy have the same eyes.
I don’t stand a chance.
As you gazed into my face, you looked intently as you whispered-

“I’m glad I get to be your Chloe. You’re the best daddy God made for me.”

I just wrestled to not cry when you said the words.
I know when I cry you get worried that I’m hurt.
I tucked you in and laid you down to bed.
As I finally laid down to rest and waited for mommy to fall asleep, I lost it.
Because even though you believe I’m the best daddy…
I’m gonna make mistakes.
Wait, I’ve made mistakes already, ugh.
I ignore you while I play with my phone.
When you want to color, I blow you off because the news is on.
As I’m going over my sermon, you always want to sit on my lap.
I focus on church stuff, when I instead should wrestle & have a dance party.
I don’t want to miss another dance party with you.
I want to be an example for you.
I want to show you how to be loved.
I want to show you how much Jesus loves you.
I pray you see it through all my flaws and screw ups.
So, when those boys start trying to see more than your baby blues…
Tell ‘em to slow their roll.
Because you know a thing or two about what real love looks like.
And even though I make mistakes.
I love you little pookie.
And one day you’re gonna hear all the silly stories about you in sermons.
The embarrassing photos on Facebook & Twitter.
And you’re gonna read these posts I’ve written to you.
And the letters I’ve been saving for you each year on your birthday.
When you get old enough to read all this- I pray you know,
That while you feel like you’re the one getting the good end of the deal-

I’m the one who feels truly blessed to be a part of your life.
Love, Daddy