Times Are Changing (And It’s Hopeful)

Loved reading this recent article on Relevant Magazine’s site about the shift in late night entertainment. The cynical nature of the old regime is being left behind for a lovable, gentle and more heart-felt approach. It’s honest. It’s real. It’s what we’ve been wanting for years. Let’s face it, being cynical and self-righteous is tiresome. Spending time with someone who exhibits these traits can completely derail your day. But there’s hope. No longer are we going the way of the grouchy old man, pointing fingers and sneering at everything that we see. We’re changing for the better.

And, if you’re one of the cynical and bitter… you can too.

I know, you wear your “I’m smarter, skeptical of everything other people say, and am a little bit better/cooler than you because I buy into zero hype about anything” badge with honor. I get it. I used to do the same thing. I’d poke fun of people of any faith, turn my nose up at any music that wasn’t what I deemed artsy, and spent time with people who were equally elitist (and exhausting).

Before embracing the life of a barista was a thing (I was born too soon), and debates over theology, politics and music filled the air while mixed with the most current indie tune playing through the place:

I was skeptical.
I was cynical.
I was deeper (or so I thought).
I was smarter (but not really).
I was more in tune with culture.
I was quick to debate (but only to win).
I was elitist.
I was complaining about most everything.

I was that guy.

And to this day I’m surprised anyone stomached being my friend or near me. Honestly, most of those things that I took pride in weren’t even all that accurate of myself, and my attitude trumped any intellect I may have boasted about at the time.

Nobody wants to be friends with that guy (or gal). But in a turn of events, things are changing. People want a change from where everyone commiserates over their social networking platform of choice to let everyone agree with how awful things are.

Things are actually quite amazing.

People are craving honest dialogue.
Your neighbors are longing for relationships.
Coworkers are interested in an trustworthy friend.
Your kids want an encourager and leader as a parent.
More people are receptive to faith/God than ever before.
We’re connected to the world and can reach people instantly.
Innovation is leading the way to make us healthier and live longer.
Expression and creativity continue to push the limits.

Maybe you believe you will always be a glass is half empty person.
If so, I won’t go back there, but I won’t leave you either.
I’ll walk this out with you and remind you things are hopeful.
This world has the capacity to be better.
You have the capacity to be better.
To live in hope.
To live in grace.
To experience love.
To be the person I believe God wants for you to be.
That he designed you to be.

Cynicism isn’t helping us, it’s hurting us.
It’s time to come together and love deeply.
It’s time to have honest relationships.
It’s time to leave toxic behaviors behind.
It’s time to believe the best in other people.

We cannot lend a hand when our arms are crossed.
I believe in you, so let’s walk this out together.

It’s what we were built for.