My Kids Are Big In Lithuania (or Lessons From Acting A Fool)

6 days ago my girls sat down and watched youtube videos with me for almost 45 minutes. The Harlem Shake. Over and over and over. Then Chloe turned to me and practically begged me to make a dance video. Roxy jumped on the band wagon. I made a deal with them. Check it out.

In 6 days, the video has been viewed over 785 times (from FB, YouTube, etc).
It’s been viewed in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Isle Of Man, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Australia, Grenada, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, New Zealand, and… Lithuania is apparently pretty pumped about them, ha.

The girls ask, “What new places have seen the video?”
“How many hits to we have today?”
“Who reposted it?”
“What are people saying about our video?”
*Note to parents: we’re moving even more into a ‘look at me’ society for our kids. As parents, we’re walking a pretty tight balancing act at Casa de Bedell. The girls know the limits.

But, what’s striking to me is this: People at our church loved it.
I mean, I’m sure some hated it.
But, it got reposted over and over again.

Here is what I continue to learn as I try to figure out how to lead a church and follow Jesus…

Break down walls.

Break down walls.
Use whatever you can do (short of sin) to reach those who are far from God.
It’s okay to laugh.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
People enjoy the silliness.
And, it’s opened doors for me to talk about Jesus with a few people.
Which honestly, in posting that video I was just trying to be a good dad.
So be goofy.
Drop your “I’m too cool for school” persona.
And, don’t forget to shake it (whether it’s like a salt shaker, polaroid picture, or like they do in Harlem).