Application Is Everything: Reading The Bible

7 Ways To Kickstart Your Bible Reading 

Start It Slowly.
Don’t go out and immediately try to tackle this whole book in a day. Go in with a plan. Take it a chunk at a time. I’d suggest a reading plan about the life of Jesus (30 day plan). Try reading (in little chunks) the New Testament in a year. If you’re looking for short topical things, maybe it’s reading about Prayer, Soul Detox, Hope, Forgiveness, or Generosity.

Make It Consistent.
Set a time (I reading in the morning) and make that your reading time. Do it each day at the same time, maybe even in the same place. Creating routine will help you stick with it. Also, accountability plays a key role in this. Start this daily reading with a friend also starting their journey. Ask each other daily, “How was your reading?” “What was inspiring with your reading today?” “How are you going to live that out?” Knowing you have to share that with someone will help you want to read it consistently. And, who knows, the end goal is that you build a desire to read daily & do it, regardless of accountability.

Read It Purposefully.
Go in with a goal in mind. If you’re reading about Jesus, set a goal. “Today, I want to echo the same character Jesus has in this passage.” Or, if you’re reading in the beginning of the Bible about Creation and how Adam & Eve sinned, “What can I learn about this situation that I can apply or change to point myself in the direction of God and His teachings?” Don’t just read, read with a purpose.

Pray It Impacts.
Before you start reading, pray. Pray that God will strip away any bitterness you might be having, stresses going on, the burdens of life, etc. Pray that the reading you are about to jump into will be something that hits home. Pray that you can take a precept from it and put it into action. Reading is great, but application is what will change things.

Write It Down.
As you read, keep a journal (or for the fellas, a notebook, men don’t journal). Write down your thoughts, your prayers, things you’re learning, things you don’t quite understand, etc. (on the web and the mobile Bible app) allows you the opportunity to take notes on what you’re reading. I love this because you can search your notes later for things you are learning or found interesting. Some people like the physical paper way (and I do that too). but, if you find yourself on the go, if you do have the Bible App, you can read anywhere. (If you’re like me, sometimes you need it right then, on the go, as an encouragement because you need God’s word to pick you back up. Love it!)

Memorize It Often.
As your reading, memorize key verses that speak to you, encourage you, etc. It’s in the moments when everything feels like it’s crashing down that I start reciting these verses to bring back a joy a peace I allowed to escape me. My favorite verses in Jeremiah & Deuteronomy bring me peace. This passage, and this one too, remind me of my mission as a follower of God. As you’re reading, scripture will move you. When it does, memorize the passages as an encouragement in God for the future.


And, remember “Application Is Everything.”
So, go and do it.