That’s what the parking lot at Ocean Lakes is.
Every Sunday when I arrive.
It’s early, the sun is usually coming up.
The custodian is still getting ready at his house.
Staff is en route from their homes.
You’re just waking up from a long weekend.
The birds are beginning to sing.
Dogs are barking in the surrounding homes.

And me?
I walk the line.
The parking lot lines.
Every Sunday.
Every single parking space.
I do it to begin the day in prayer.
Praying for every person who will park in those spots.
As they get out and step onto that pavement…
That God would do the miraculous in their lives.
It starts in the parking lot.
Not in the classroom.
Not in the auditorium.
Not in the lobby.

People have come to Forefront numerous times and pulled away. Scared to come in. Afraid of what people would think. I’ve talked to them. Received the emails. “Hey, I’ve pulled up to your church 3 times and never stepped foot inside. I hope next week I’m not afraid.”

Family fighting on the car ride in. Spouses dragged to the school by their pleading husband/wife. Kids screaming. A long week. Bad news at work. An awful neighbor. A break up. The first day sober. The secret sin they’ve never revealed.

It builds up.
Then the ignition gets turned off.
The door opens.
And their feet hit the pavement.

Just know you’re being prayed for.
Someone cares.
We know it’s difficult to get the courage to step out.
Keep stepping out.
Keep believing the best.
When you set foot on that parking lot, remember…
I walk the line.